October 2, 2009

1992  Lesson Plan – “ The Art Of Navajo Weaving” Lessons About- Art In History And History In Art, Mary Erickson, editor  Consulting Editor: Gilbert Clark  ERIC, Indiana  University, Bloomington, IN.

    2001 “Planning and Presentation of A Multi-district Public  Student Exhibition”, chapter for text Anthology of Divergent Models for the Preparation and Presentation of Student Art Exhibitions, NAEA Publications Program.

      2002-2004 Sounds of Clay, Vol 1-2, Author, Artabounds, Publication  Paper Folding for Fun and Profit, co-Author

        2007  Spring Issue Ceramics Technique “The Archie Bray 2006 International: Helena, Montana Summer of Clay.”

          2009 NAEA Asian Art Education Chapter on Form and Tradition

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