August 18, 2011

Sue Raymond

I was born and raised in southwest Michigan. After drawing and painting my way through high school, I enrolled in education courses at Western Michigan University. Many years of teaching ensued in a wide variety of teaching situations including in a one-room schoolhouse, teaching on the border of Mexico, the Navajo Indian Reservation, inner-city gang schools and high schools where the student’s hang original Picasso’

s in the guest bathroom. At Arizona State University, I helped regular classroom education majors understand the importance of art in their classrooms.

No matter how hectic my teaching schedule became I never gave up making time for my own art. Creating with clay, quilting and experimenting with many mediums as well as passionately researching and reading all of the art history books I could find, revitalized me for meeting the diverse needs of my many students the next day.

During my time on the Navajo Reservation, my husband and I had two boys. The oldest still lives in Arizona, while the youngest made the move with us as my family relocated to Washington. Finally, my dream of creating my own art full time came true with the opening of my studio. The isolation of my Washington State studio allows me the time to explore the ideas that have filled my numerous sketchbooks for years. The trees and animals surrounding me and inspire new ideas each day.

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